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We are delighted to cinfirm that the first two books in the "Sarina" sapa, "Sarina's Challenge" and "Sarina's Smith" are now published and available to order from all good book stores, or from these on-line sourses:-

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These links relate to the second book, "Sarina' Smith" but those websites are also the sources from which "Sarina's Challenge" can be ordered.

Bob Hambleton 14.10.2015 22:39

Hi Pete, how lovely to hear from you; I'd be delighted to let you have the words to Hougomont. I think they are on this computer and will look in a moment.

Pete Nyman 14.10.2015 21:35

Hi Bob

Hope you are OK. Is there anywhere I can find the words to your song about Hougomont?

Bob Hambleton 14.10.2015 22:42

Email me at and I copy them to you.

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07.10 | 16:19

Sorry, I stopped publishing my "Friday Offerings" in 2019 do to ill health at the time, I may resurrect them at some point in the future but no plans yet. Bob

04.11 | 15:54

Hi Maureen, thanks for the message, nice to hear from you.

04.11 | 11:20

Sorry no message lately. I seemed to have lost items on my laptop. Aileen keept me posted on your activities and have now picked up your Friday offering

16.02 | 19:30

Thanks for that, wecerytainly hope to be ther. Bob x