A collection of some of Bob's short stories.

The "Hovering Tales" Compendium


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Hovering Tales – Series One  -  Story Synopses

1              Presumptions.   “Making a presumption is pride before a fall”, presumptions, like guesses, might be right,  or ...

2              The Little Drummer Boy.   .  A career in the army can change your life.  Based on the traditional folk song of the same name telling a true story but given a ‘Bob Hambleton’ twist.

3              Library Tickets.  A clerical error with library tickets could make a dramatic and welcome change to a life at a seemingly low ebb.

4              Five Pounds.   Based on the folk song “Five pounds! by Les Sullivan.  In Nelson’s times to some five pounds was a fortune to others it could be a death sentence!

5              Diaries.   An enthralling ‘time slip’ story of burgeoning love. A single afternoon can be a life changing experience.

6              Broken Token.  Based on various British similar folk songs collectively known as ‘broken token’ songs.   Some mistakes can last and even make, a lifetime.

7              Bogies Bonny Belle.  Based on the traditional ‘bothy ballad’ folk song, this story faithfully recounts the events, based on a true story but given a typical Bob Hambleton ending twist.

8              Transitions.  A Wagoner sometimes picks up more than just goods from his customers.

Bob Hambleton's novel, “Sarina’s Challenge,” ISBN No. 978-1-911113-48-5 the first book in the Sarina series is available from all usual outlets or direct from the distribtors, simply click here:-  http://ow.ly/Y7MV302qc9n

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