The "Sarina" Series

The Sarina Series Introduction

The “Sarina” series grew out of the ideas behind the writing of the first book as it got written.  Collectively the books will tell the story of the Island continent, its inhabitants and the interaction of the ruling families through many trials and tribulations, principally the devastating invasion by a warlike people bent on domination and plunder and their eventual confrontation.

“The story of “Sarina” came to me having written the first sentence, ‘Jaxaal laughed to see Sarina playing in the water.’  Within a few hours the outline plot of the whole series had taken shape in my mind.  What follows below are the brief synopsis of the books already written and those currently planned, but the story may still grow!”  Bob Hambleton


Sarina’s Challenge tells the story of Sarina, a racing kertle and her rider, Jaxaal who are on their way to compete in “The Challenge” the hardest, most gruelling kertle race on the Island Continent of Fameral. Jaxaal hopes to win fame, fortune and possibly the hand of the girl he loves.  Little does he realize that far more rests on his winning the Challenge for he must correct an old injustice and prevent a civil war before any hopes of personal gain. Meeting and helped by relations he never knew he had Jaxaal tackles The Challenge and all the hardships that are thrown at him while combating the highest nobles in the land.

 Sarina’s Smith relates the adventures of Jaxaal’s best friend Rydal who thinks he is on his way to the Cordale Complex to serve an apprenticeship to become a smith.  Little does he realize that far more challenges await him as he enters the complex’s community.  Assisted by the apprentices and the love of the daughter of one of the complex’s managers he faces up to a fearsome band of renegades.  He manages to alter the situation - for the worse!   It is only with the arrival of Jaxaal and Sarina along with a detachment of Guardians that there is any hope that a solution can be found.

 Sarina’s Bowman   is the story of Bryland, a disgraced servant and Maglen, the runaway heiress of one of the ruling families who meet on the run and help each other while the whole of Fameral society is turned upside down by an attempted revolution.  Jaxaal is hard pressed to deal with the impending disaster until Bryland demonstrates the bows used in a sporting competition might have a part to play.

Sarina’s Farmer is the continuing story of Fellan Orleff, Jaxaal’s squire from “Sarina’s Challenge” who is sent on a mission to find out what has happened at a distant farm in north-east Fameral.  Fellan meets and falls in love with the farmer’s daughter and discovers that the farm has been taken over by some Poultans, a war like race from across the seas who plan to use the farm as a base for an invasion.  Jaxaal musters the forces that were used in “Sarina’s Bowman” to confront the threat.

###   The above four novels have been completed and the first, “Sarina’s Challenge” has been published by Millfield Publishing.  The second book “Sarina’s Smith” is planned for publication in late 2016.  The rest of the series will follow in due course.

Sarina’s Society recounts the story of two young people, Sarsha and Damiaan who meet during “The Season,” a social and sporting event that Jaxaal has introduced to restore the country’s morale destroyed by the attempted revolution and invasion.  At first they get on well but a misunderstanding throws them apart.  Damiaan is charged with  a series of crimes attributed to ‘The Night Hawk’ but is only saved from punishment for the crimes by an unexpected intervention.

Sarina’s Siege Fameral is overrun by an invading hoard of Poultans from across the northern seas and the continent, north of the Childe Mountains are under occupation.  Jaxaal is forced to gather the shattered Fameral forces and plan the rescue of his wife and family who are besieged in Norland Castle.  The blind Felda Ellward plays a surprising part in assisting the rescue plans.

 Sarina’s War tells the story of how the Fameral nation tackle the overwhelming numbers of the invaders and force a deciding battle.  All the factors that have built up during the telling of the Sarina series come together so that, while outnumbered 5 to 1 the Fameral army are able to confront the invading Poultans in a momentous battle.

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