An introduction to Bob Hambleton

 Hello, I’m Bob Hambleton, I write ‘alternative fiction’ and have produced several novels and short stories.  I describe the novels in the “Sarina” series as alternative because I don’t consider them to be either science fiction or fantasy.  They are not science fiction for, while they are set on a different world, there are no futuristic technologies at work, rather the society is at a pre-industrial revolution stage.  Nor are they fantasy as there is no magical, unexplained factors to make the plots work.

 To colour and populate my writing I draw on a vast range of experience gained through an eventful life.

My Backround

First jobs:-  I started my working life, after a particularly undistinguished secondary education, with a five year craft apprenticeship in engineering (which I survived rather than enjoyed.)  Showing a remarkable skill in beating the bonus system, I was quickly recruited into the method study department.  A series of appointments in project and production management led on to my gaining a post graduate degree in Management Science at Cranfield University.  (Who’d have thought it – not my school teachers!)

Later working career:-  My subsequent work with part of the Mars Group led to my winning a major national competition (The Prospect Award) and my paper on this work won the Operational Research Society President’s medal as the best paper of the year.   This led, indirectly, to my appointment as the manager of the UK Management Science group with the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) computer company.

My interest in folk music:-  Throughout this time I was also developing my lifelong interest in folk music becoming a (fairly) well known singer-songwriter as well as an organiser of folk music events.  I was better at the latter than at the former although some of my songs have been taken up, sung and recorded by other singers.

A very severe change of direction:-  My life took a very different twist when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and my first marriage broke up.  I took early retirement on health grounds and developed my creative activities through my writing, my singing-songwriting and organising folk clubs and festivals as well as the registered charity, “Folk for M.S.” (Visit )  I had the honour, as a musician with Dorset Triumph Folk Dancers, of representing the UK in both World and European Folklore festivals (yes, I have even appeared on Eurovision!).

Currently:-  I am now happily remarried and dedicating my time to writing ‘The Sarina’ series and other novels as well as a number of short stories. My writing ambition is to write the sort of novels and stories that I like to read.

All the best, 

Bob Hambleton

CONTACT:- I would appreciate hearing from you. Please e-mail me on:-


AT LONG LAST, IT'S HAPPENED!  We are delighted to announce that Bob Hambetons first Sarina Series Novel "Sarina's Challenge" has just been re-published.  Previously released only as an 'e-book' as "Sarina" it is now available in all formats and avaiabl;e from SpiderWize, follow this link, click here:-

Watch out for the secopnd book in the series, "Sarina's Smith" due for publication later this year.

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Sorry, I stopped publishing my "Friday Offerings" in 2019 do to ill health at the time, I may resurrect them at some point in the future but no plans yet. Bob

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