Want a good read? This is it !

Here's the author proudly holding a copy of the first impression of "Sarina's Challenge"

Want a good read?  This is it !

 "If you are looking for light entertainment or an enjoyable story (rather than a serious tome full of veiled social comment) then this is for you.” TB

“Sarina’s Challenge” by Bob Hambleton is a “coming of age” battle against seemingly impossible odds reviewed as: “It's an enthralling romantic adventure” and  "Imaginative and atmospheric!"

Sarina is a racing beast on her way with her master, Jaxaal Oostedd, to compete in “The Challenge” the hardest, most gruelling race on the Island Continent of Fameral. Jaxaal hopes to win fame, fortune and possibly the hand of the girl he loves.  Little does he realize that far more rests on his winning the Challenge for he must correct an old injustice and prevent a civil war before any hopes of personal gain.  Meeting and helped by relations he never knew he had, Jaxaal tackles the challenges and all the hardships that are thrown at him while combating the highest nobles in the land.

Bob Hambleton's novel, “Sarina’s Challenge,” ISBN No. 978-1-911113-48-5 the first book in the Sarina series is available from all usual outlets or direct from the distributors, simply click here:-  http://ow.ly/Y7MV302qc9n
or register your interest by emailing to:-  MillfieldPublish@aol.com

Find out more about the author and about the “Sarina” series on the relevant pages.

CONTACT:-  You can e-mail Bob on  bob@bobhambleton.com

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